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    Get Started with Hubsta Now!

    Welcome, and thanks for your interest in Hubsta. This page will give you all the information you need to know to get you underway.

    There are three ways to manage your products with Hubsta:

    • Individually through the Hubsta Portal website
    The Hubsta Portal website lets you manage every aspect of your products individually. Suitable for those with few products or for making tweaks to your products once they are in Hubsta.

    • In a spreadsheet
    With this option you maintain your own off-line spreadsheet of products which you can synchronise with Hubsta via the Import Batch upload feature on the Hubsta Portal website.

    • Via automated integration
    This option uses Hubsta's integration service to automatically synchronise your product data on a schedule from an XML or CSV feed you provide.

  • For more information take a look at our guides:

    For a rundown of the Hubsta Portal website take a look at the Hubsta Portal Manual including info on managing products individually and via a spreadsheet.

    Check out the Hubsta Product Data Guide for information about Hubsta's data requirements and the spreadsheet and xml data formats.

    To learn more about our B2B automated integration service please view the Hubsta Integration Guide

    If you want to jump straight in and look at some sample Hubsta integration product data files you can download them here too.